Aqua LED filter cover mount for Bestway/Lay-Z-Spa


This adapter is used to mount a puck style LED light to the filter cover of most Bestway, Coleman and Lay-Z-Spa airjet and hydrojet inflatable hot tubs.


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This is a LED filter cover mount for the 10 LED puck style lights that can be purchased from Amazon and other vendors.  Be aware when buying that some of the lights sold have 13 or more LEDS.  The ones with more than 10 LEDs will not work with this mount.  The mount is designed to attach the light to the filter housings of nearly all Bestway, Coleman or Lay-Z-Spa airjet and hydrojet inflatable hot tubs.  This will replace the filter cover locking screw that holds the filter together.  The light easily slides into the adapter .  Simply unscrew the bottom of the light, install 3 AAA batteries and replace the cover.  Then slide the light into the filter cover adapter, it’s that easy.

If you are looking for the kit that comes with the LED light and mount as a package deal, you can click on this link to find it.

Note:  This LED filter cover mount option can have problems with the remote working when the light is submerged in the water due to refraction of the light from the remote control.  Because of this issue, this is not my first recommended option for an LED light in your tub.  It is best to read my article on various lighting options for these tubs to find the best opton for your model of tub.  Click here for the article.  In some cases this is the only available option.  If you run ito problems controlling the light, remove the light from the base and take it out of the water to turn it on or change settings.  Then return the light to the mount for use.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 2.765 × 2.765 × 1.712 in


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