Intex LED light universal adapter for Bestway Lay-Z-Spa with removable debris filter

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This is a universal adapter to fit an Intex SL503 (B01NBYH7O8) LED spa light to a number of different Bestway SaluSpa models.  If your spa uses the ChemConnect dispenser that attaches just above the filter near the pump, though this adapter will work with your model, you may want to check out our other adapter designed specifically to work with these models.

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This Intex LED light adapter adapts the Intex SL503 (B01NBYH7O8) LED spa light originally only for the Intex PureSpa hot tubs,to work on your Bestway, Lay-Z-Spa or coleman spa inflatable hot tub.  This adapter is designed to convert this light  to a number of Bestway SaluSpa, Lay-Z-Spa and Coleman spa models.  My original Intex LED light adapter sold here was originally designed around the SaluSpa Miami AirJet tub that uses the ChemConnect dispenser, but due to requests for this to work on models other than the Miami, I have designed this adapter to work on any of the tubs that have a removable debris filter indicated at the right.  The debris filter is removed and the LED light with the adapter are screwed in it’s place.

NOTE: This ad is ONLY for the adapter and DOES NOT include the LED light.  The light must be purchased separately.  If you need the light for this, I currently have a limited stock if these which can be purchased by clicking here.

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Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 1.9 × 1.9 × 1.88 in

4 reviews for Intex LED light universal adapter for Bestway Lay-Z-Spa with removable debris filter

  1. Jordan P (verified owner)

    Fantastic idea. Great product, very professional and amazing communication! Get your adapter from Dan!!

  2. Chris Alsop

    Dan, thank you so much….. Your design is solid and fits like a glove and just looks perfect in place.

    Thank you so much ??

  3. Willow (verified owner)

    I was frustrated as the light that came with my saluspa Tahiti apparently was not well sealed and in a few months time had rusted inside. I attempted to get another as I liked that it screwed on to tub… but they had none available . I then bought some submersible ones off Amazon… first one leaked as well. Second set that guarantees no leaks, one leaked. The other stopped working. I wasn’t fond of them anyway as when you turned on the bubbles they swirled around and hit you. Searched again. Found intex one that was hydropowered! Saw that someone said that an adapter would work.. apparently not with that one. Ordered the adapter from here but when the light arrived it was the kind that slid on to a specific part, no place to put adapter. I spoke with dan and he sent me link for one that would work. Said if it didn’t he would make it right. It does take batteries but they are in their own chamber so I have hope it won’t leak. The adapter worked great! Thanks to dan for the awesome support! Happy to have my spa lit up in relaxing blue and not have it smacking me when I turn on bubbles.

  4. Willow (verified owner)

    Came back to leave another review. The new adapter worked great! It lasted about a year. Dan gives great customer service and stands behind his product.

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