Water flow sensor repair kit Bestway Lay-Z-Spa (egg style)

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Bestway flow sensor flapThis is a kit that contains a replacement flow sensor paddle with retainer pin as well as the rubber o-ring to repair the water flow sensors on the Bestway family of inflatable hot tubs which include the Coleman and Lay-Z-Spa brands.   This does not include the sensor which is the black tube with the wires and connector.  Failure of the paddle will cause your pump/heater unit to display E02.  There are a number of things that can cause the E02 error and failure of this part should be confirmed before purchasing.  The o-ring will save you from leaks around the flow sensor.

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Water flow sensorThis water flow sensor repair kit contains both the replacement magnetic paddle, the paddle retainer pin and a replacement o-ring seal for the water flow sensors used in the Bestway, Coleman and Lay-Z-Spa brands of inflatable hot tubs.  If your pump/heater unit is displaying an E02 error and you find that your magnet is rusty due to the plastic cracking or other things like the one to the left, you should replace it with a new one as it is the most likely cause of your E02 error.   The fully assembled flow sensors are selling for between $50 and $75.  Why spend all that money when you can repair this yourself.  Water flow sensor repair kit with o-ring and pinThe Water flow sensor repair part you are buying is a 3D printed version made from ABS plastic with the magnet completely sealed to prevent it from being exposed to the water and rusting yet again.  You also receive a high quality replacement silicone o-ring to replace your worn one under the cap.  Also, If your pin is broken, no need to worry due to popular demand I am now including a replacement paddle retaining pin in every kit.  If your o-ring is still in good shape and all you need is the paddle and pin , check out my other kit by clicking here.

NOTE:  Please check and make sure that this is the part that you need prior to ordering.  There are many causes of the E02 error and this is only one of them.  It may be worth it to check out my article “Fixing the dreaded E02 error on your Bestway, Coleman or Lay-Z-Spa tub” prior to purchasing this part.  I also have a second article that I wrote called “Repairing yourBestway, Coleman or Lay-Z-Spa water flow sensor.”  This article goes more in depth on how to fully test your water flow sensor using a multimeter prior to purchasing.

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2 reviews for Water flow sensor repair kit Bestway Lay-Z-Spa (egg style)

  1. John Fulton (verified owner)

    I am on my 5th year with my saluspa. Last year replaced all gaskets and pump impeller. This year got the E02 error. Tried everything and even though there was flow I was still getting the error. Doing a google search found this site and ordered the flow sensor repair kit. Ordered on Monday and was at my door today. Took 10 min to replace and now my hot tub is running great. So glad I could find people like this that share there parts so other people dont have to buy a new tub or pump.

  2. RALPH (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with my experience with Dan’s Bits Bytes.I ordered a flow sensor repair kit and an extra set of pins..Within a couple of hours my order I received a email that my repair kit came with a pin and didn’t need to order pins.I was impressed with the concern Dan showed and will definitely recommend him to others

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